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 "A classic, New York-style vibe captured by refreshing lyrics, nostalgic beats, & artistic visuals...

(...with a new, refreshing flair.)"

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Pristine isn't just a music video.

It's a cinematic masterpiece.

When you watch it,

you'll discover a new sound

that reminds you of that classic 90's vibe full of silky

smooth flows & live instrumentation.

It's the definition of classical

hip-hop style, with a modern flair.


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After an exhausting week of business, The Odds falls away to his grand estate for an exhilarating weekend with a handful of beautiful Bogas.


Everything was playing out wonderfully, until something unexpected happened that brought his weekend getaway to an early close...

What are the fans are saying:

"This is what music is supposed to sound like not only the lyrics but the instruments, how everything comes together to serenade the eardrums. I love the growth and look forward to the entire project."

Jerry Audige

On pristine

"One of the smoothest videos I’ve seen in a while and the lyrical flow was def PRISTINE!!!"

Carlos Seo

On Pristine

"So unique… this is MUSIC"

Sleevey Heart

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